Novated Leasing

With a novated lease you can save thousands on tax, and the more car expenses you bundle the more you can save.

How it works? discover the benefits

What is a novated lease?

A novated lease is a way in which you can obtain a car plus all the running costs like, fuel, insurance, registration, maintenance, road side assistance and even car washing through your employer as a ‘salary sacrifice’. All these costs are Bundled together and paid through your salary with a large portion of these costs coming out of your Pre-Tax salary turning your tax to your advantage.

A novated lease is a three-way agreement between you, your employer and the finance /salary packaging company

Why choose a novated lease?

It is the cheapest and most effective way to drive the car of your choice. Whether it’s a new, used or even your existing car a novated lease is a smarter way to drive.

How it works

  1. You can obtain a novated lease from the novated lease calculator or by calling us on 1300-838-942
  2. CarBundleit can source the car of your choice saving you time and money
  3. Your employer approves the novated agreement
  4. Delivery of your car is confirmed
  5. You will receive your payment card to charge all your running cost to
  6. Payments start being deducted from your salary

Discover the benefits

  • Everything included

    By bundling all your car related expenses into one easy payment means you no longer have to juggle multiple bills and due dates. Your novated lease takes care of it all for you by including the car finance, Fuel, Insurance, maintenance, and registration. Plus, the payment is automatically taken from your salary so you can set and forget with the peace of mind of know everything is taken care of.

  • Save money with access to big buying power

    CarBundleit can help you find the best price on a new car with access to national fleet discounts and a preferred dealer network. Plus, with a novated lease you save thousands of dollars in GST.

  • Use pre-tax dollars

    When you take out a novated lease, part of your payments for the car and its running costs come from you pre-tax salary, therefore you could be benefiting from tax savings. This is why a novated lease is a smart way to drive.

  • Added Peace of mind with guaranteed buy back

    GAP insurance covers the difference between the amount of your finance payout and your comprehensive insurance payout in the event of a total loss, such as a theft where the vehicle is never recovered, or a motor vehicle accident in which the vehicle is written off.

  • Select a provider

    CarBundleit is unique in the way it allows you choice of providers. You will have a choice of finance providers, you can choose your own mechanic, which petrol station you go to or where you wash your car. With a FleetChoice payment card all your payments are bundled together giving you choice and flexibility.

  • Don’t pay for what you don’t use:

    Our experienced staff will help you establish the right regular deductions for your needs based on the car you select and the kilometres you will travel each year. Your payments are flexible and can be adjusted throughout your lease as your circumstances change. For example, if you find you are spending less on your running cost than anticipated you can simply request to lower your future payments or even have money returned to you.

  • Forget Budget Stress

    A single payment made from your regular salary and everything is covered.

  • Bad credit

    You may have defaults on your credit file and have been knocked back for finance because of these details. This does not mean that every financier will not give you a second chance. If you can show that you have improved your situation, or have a reasonable explanation for any defaults on your credit file, there may still be options to help you get into a car.

  • Benefits to the employer

    Novated leasing can maximise your employee benefits while minimising cost to you, the employer. Attract and retain valuable staff by adding value to employees’ remuneration packages. The Carbundleit option allows you to outsource the management of novated leasing at no cost to the employer. Novated leasing can also reducer your company PAYG liability.