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Bundleit’ offers its customers fleet discounts on cars and services saving them thousands

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With CarBundleit’  many finance products, customers will find the right product to suit both personal and business needs

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Save time & Save money with the convenience to manage all your running costs in 1 monthly payment

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Why Choose CarBundleIt?

CarBundleIt provides a complete range of vehicle finance options to best suit your personal or business needs.

CarBundleIt gives you the flexibility to bundle all your car expenses into 1 monthly payment  so you no longer have to worry about the constant car expenses such as petrol, tyres, registration, insurance, and all other car associated costs.

Add the ‘Bundleit’ option today and experience a hassle-free driving experience.

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Novated Leasing

With a novated lease you can save thousands on tax, and the more car expenses you bundle the more you can save.


“The experience I had with the purchase of my new car was exceptional thanks to the very helpful staff at CarBundleIt. Lisa was very efficient, knowledgeable and went that extra mile to get me the best deal. I saved over $6,000 and couldn’t be happier.”

Justin Mellett

Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor – Rockhampton

Personal Finance

We work hard to make financing a car an easy and enjoyable   experience. We want you to be excited about the purchase of your new car.


“Im 20yo and this is the first time i have ever had a car loan. My experience with CarBundleIt was awesome, I found the whole process easy to follow and understand, I also saved 2% on the interest rate from the quote that my bank gave me. Im very happy and love my new car:)”


Machine Operator, Williamstown

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